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UBC Fashion Show 2010 – Fashion is Freedom

UBC Fashion Show

I attended the the UBC Fashion Show on March 20, 2010 at the UBC Aquatic Centre, which was a pretty cool venue for the show. The runway was installed above the outdoor pool, which made for some interesting shots with the reflections in the water.  The UBC International Relations Students Association presented the show, entitled "Fashion is Freedom," an exploration of the theme of fashion as art and how its expression reflects political freedom. The show featured the work of  designers from Vancouver.

UBC Fashion Show

UBC Fashion Show 2010 "Fashion is Freedom"


The first show, "Strapped" by designers Amanda Klassen and Neudis Abreu, Design students from Emily Carr University of Art, presented designs on the themes of consumerism and the depletion of non-renewable resources.

UBC Fashion Show

"Strapped" by Amanda Klassen and Neudis Abreu, Model Claire

UBC Style

The second show was "UBC Style" featuring campus fashions available at UBC, presented by fashion stylist Wilbur Tellez.

UBC Fashion Show

"UBC Style" - Stylist Wilbur Tellez, Model Ally

Nicole Bridger

The next show was by designer Nicole Bridger who uses natural fabrics made from renewable resources for her socially conscious designs.

UBC Fashion Show

Designer Nicole Bridger, model Roosa

Drew Williams

The fourth show was by Drew William who presented menswear and womenswear at the show.

UBC Fashion Show

Design by Drew William


The next show was "Voicelessness," by designers Nicole M. Rosychuk, Lauren Mills and Mike Gouze and directed by Nicole Marie Rosychuk.

UBC Fashion Show

"Voicelessness" model Christina L.

What Are You Wearing?

The final show entitled "What Are You Wearing" was by designers Akari Izumi, Colleen Hughes-Games and Rashika Gupta

UBC Fashion Show

Model Alina wearing an outfit of disposable coffee cups from "What Are You Wearing?"

For more information and photos from the show check out UBC Fashion Shows on Facebook.

Here's a slideshow of my photos from this show:

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