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Ganguro Fashion Photoshoot

Ganguro is a pretty unusual style from Japan. The look involves dark tan makeup, blond or orange hair, black eyeliner, false eyelashes with white around the eyes and on the nose, and white lipstick. There's usually also jewels and stickers added to the makeup. The clothing is very bright and colourful. The style started in the 1990's and was influenced by the dark tanned blond look from Camlifornia, but taken to an extreme! Ganguro is one of many street styles from Japan, and can be seen in Harajuku and Shibuyu, Tokyo.

Here are some photos of model Kristy with ganguro makeup by Mika Does Makeup. The outfits were provided by stylist Joanna Keller. Kristy was perfect for the shoot and is very familiar with the Harajuku fashion scene. The makeup was also perfect and the outfits put together by Joanna were great. The shoot was a lot of fun!

We did a couple more Harajuku inspired looks, which I will post soon!


If you are interested in trying the ganguro look, here is a very good tutorial on YouTube:

For more more information about Ganguro, check out the always informative Wikipedia!

  1. R
    March 22nd, 2012 at 10:31 | #1

    This is COSPLAY MANBA… only fit for Anime conventions. Not True Manba and Ganguro is nothing like Manba! The outfit isn’t very manba and is more reminiscent of Decora. Manba =/= Decora.

  2. March 23rd, 2012 at 14:19 | #2

    @R Thanks for the clarification :) I should say this shoot was inspired by Harajuka fashions but I’m not an expert on it!

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