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Empire Avenue: Social Networking or Game or Both?

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Empire Avenue is a social networking game where you buy and sell other members as well as any Twitter profile. I joined about a month ago, and it's been a great way to find others who share my interests, or who are located in Vancouver, and to connect with them on their various social networks.

When you sign-up (it's free) you get 10,000 eaves, the virtual currency for buying and selling on the site. You register your social networking sites - Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, as well as your RSS feeds and Empire Avenue will start to assess your activity on these sites. After about a week, you will get scores for each site. You also get a score for your activity on Empire Avenue itself. The more you participate on a given site, the higher your score, up to a maximum of 100 per site. Your where to buy cialis share price will reflect your level of social networking activity, as well as the investments that other Empire Avenue members have made in you. You will see your share price and portfolio value grow as you engage in your social networks.

If you already participate in social media, Empire Avenue is a really cool way to see at a glance how you are doing on your different accounts. You will receive many different achievement badges as you increase your activity. It's a fun way to gauge your influence and see where you could be doing a better job.

You can find others who share similar interests or live in the same city and see their social networking profiles. There's a community section where you can browse and join communities according to your interests or city.  It's very useful for finding contacts to follow on Twitter, Flickr or LinkedIn, and you can promote your own website, blog or recent posts too.

Empire Avenue is loaded with features and different ways to find and connect with people, and is a little overwhelming at first. To help, here's a great tutorial on getting started with Empire Avenue.

If you sign-up with this link you will get 2,000e bonus eaves to help you make your first buy!



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