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Vintage Photography Collectibles

April 19th, 2011 1 comment

I love checking out antique shows, flea markets and garage sales, looking for old cameras and retro photography memorabilia. They are also great places to find props and costumes for photoshoots. The Kerrisdale Antiques Fair was held last weekend, so I took a look and found some interesting vintage photography collectibles for sale.

Most antique shows have some Kodak Brownie cameras. They were made in large numbers, so they are not very rare, but I love the retro styling. I found a Kodak Brownie Bullett II from the early 1960's. Unfortunately, the film (127 format) is no longer manufactured by Kodak, although some other companies have started producing it.

Another cool find was a box of mint condition darkroom supplies. There was photo paper, trays, chemicals, a developing tankĀ  and a brand new timer - all still in the boxes and never used. I was tempted to buy it, but I really don't have room for a darkroom right now!

One vendor had quite a selection of daguerreotypes. These would be pretty old - dating from the mid to late 1800's most likely. They were quite small, but each one was framed and covered with glass and had remained in excellent condition.

My favourite find though was a 1940's photo of a sailor with his wife or girlfriend, standing in front of an old car - looks like a Model T. He's smoking with his hat pushed back - maybe he just returned from the war. I love this photo so I got it for my collection!

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