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Eco Fashion Week Vancouver 2010 – Green Fashion

September 29th, 2010 No comments

Eco Fashion Week (EFW) is taking place in Vancouver on Sept 27-30, 2010. It is being held at the Creekside Community Centre, which was part of the Olympic Village during the 2010 Winter Games.

Vancouver has a goal to become the greenest city by 2020 and EFW will help to educate the fashion industry and fashion-buying public about environmentally friendly best-practices and to promote those business that have good green practices.

A Green Advisory Board helped to evaluate the fashion designers, retailers and manufacturers using the following criteria:

  • Fair/ethical trade
  • Local
  • Custom/tailor made
  • Organic/Natural textiles and materials
  • Recycled/reborn
  • Vintage/second hand
  • Vegan/animal free/cruelty free
  • Eco printing
  • Fabric waste reduction
  • Green marketing
  • Socially responsible
  • Resource efficiency
  • Eco-certification

These practices can also apply to other industries and I will be looking carefully at my photography business to see what I can do to make sure it is green too!

On Sept 28, I attended runway shows featuring the spring/summer 2011 collections by designers emesha, Lara Miller, Eden, Nixxi, Lav and Kush, and Kim Cathers. Here is a quick look at the the collections by emesha and Lara Miller. The rest of the designers have been posted here.

Here's a slideshow with more photos from the show:

Click here to continue to Part 2

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